Stillwater Black came together in 1991 when Chris Thayer met Ahmed and Sam Pierstorff while playing in the pit band for a high school musical production. Issac McCorkell was quickly recruited on drums and the band recorded its first EP, The Last Virtuous Lady of Athens.

In 1995 they signed with Cleaves Entertainment, a now-defunct independent label based out of Southern California's Inland Empire. Stillwater Black recorded their debut LP, Adam. They played frequently with local and national acts including Dishwalla, Save Ferris, Reel Big Fish, and IE punk/ska mainstays, The Skeletones.

In 1997 the members parted ways and the project lay dormant for two decades.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Longshot: First look

One of the amazing things about art is trying to understand where exactly it comes from.

It's a ridiculous thing to live in a hyper-rational world where pundits and scholars and experts from every field work to break things down to their most basic constituents. In the end, there is nothing, they say. Nothing of substance. No mystery. Everything is just a random collection of the mundane.

It's reductionist nonsense and a total misapplication of the intellect. And if we invest in it we run the risk of rendering our lives meaningless. Our existence is drained of all power and potential.

In reality, our day to day lives have far less to do with reason and much more to do with passion and hope. There is no formula or computation that guarantees tomorrow. We take tomorrow on faith.

The music that you will hear on July 1st is what was collectively spoken in our first meeting after 20 years apart. Great art has a way of distilling the present and, in its loftiest moments, anticipating the future. The fact that we would ever work together again was a long shot. That anything worthwhile would come out of it was a long shot. That it would matter to others remains a long shot.

That dog go lame you know that
he gonna get the bullet
and when your horse go down
she gonna get the same
I ain’t got no legs to stand
and you need more than my good name
I’m starting to think there’s something wrong here

You know what they do to a racehorse with a broken leg? They put it down. And the man who delivers the bullet sees himself as merciful.

But who ran that horse down to begin with? Where was that mercy when the horse had legs to stand?

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  1. Man, those lyrics are inspiring me to try writing again. Keep it up, Ahmed! You're definitely going to be making strong connections with fans old and new with material like that.

    1. I got this amazing Father's Day card from my daughters. They sent it from New York, so it just arrived yesterday. My eldest wrote, "Always keep creating."

      Between her note and this, I am feeling so encouraged. Bless you, Matt, for adding a bit more fuel to the fire.