Stillwater Black came together in 1991 when Chris Thayer met Ahmed and Sam Pierstorff while playing in the pit band for a high school musical production. Issac McCorkell was quickly recruited on drums and the band recorded its first EP, The Last Virtuous Lady of Athens.

In 1995 they signed with Cleaves Entertainment, a now-defunct independent label based out of Southern California's Inland Empire. Stillwater Black recorded their debut LP, Adam. They played frequently with local and national acts including Dishwalla, Save Ferris, Reel Big Fish, and IE punk/ska mainstays, The Skeletones.

In 1997 the members parted ways and the project lay dormant for two decades.

Monday, November 27, 2017

New music this week?

For blog subscribers, yes!

The official release date is still pending as we work our way through the distribution process. But with the mastered recordings in our warm and trembling hands, we just cannot wait to share!!!

This Thursday, November 30th, all blog subscribers are going to get some seriously dope punk fun sent directly to their email inbox.

Don't miss out! If you skipped the subscription pop-up, just plug your email address into the Get on the Blacklist! widget in the right margin (mobile devices need to view the desktop version).

Holding off on the title and artwork for now (don't want to give away TOO much).

But it's all coming together on Thursday, November 30th. We promised you new music before the end of the month, and for our blog subscribers, that's what's going to happen!

Those of you who who hung out with us back in the day are going to be super pumped when you hear what we did!

I really want to give a special shout out to my dear friend Mike Jones. Back in '98, I spent two weeks in a van with him on an epic drive from Southern California to Alaska and back. He posted a very heartwarming comment to our Facebook page:

As one of the roadie crew members who was ready to follow you across the country, I can honestly say that my love for you was not fleeting, I still love you brother. I look forward to your future, because I know your artistic heart has great things to share.
The world would be a better place if more men shared as boldly as Mike. I am absolutely edified by his words.

And I have to mention a very surprising comment from a woman, Sandra Reece, that I remember well from our high-school days together:

Ahmed, I loved your music and I loved you as a friend in high-school. I hope your music brings you happiness and touches others as well.
May we all be inspired by these two who speak love so freely. These are healing words that we all need to hear. Mike and Sandra- I honor, cherish, and return your love. I thank your for the teaching that your words have brought me, the band, and all of those restless creatives yearning to touch and be touched.

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